What Can Your Pet Dog’s Poop Tell You About Their Health

What Can Your Pet Dog's Poop Tell You About Their Health

It’s no secret that your poop can say a lot about what’s going on inside our body. The same is true for dogs too. This is why, if you’re a dog owner, you shouldn’t just stop at cleaning after them. You should also pay attention to their poop as it can tell you a lot about how you’re doing as a caregiver.

About Your Dog’s Poop

Ideally, dog poop should be a bit firm and slightly moist. Anything other than this can be indicative of a health concern. What is your dog’s poop telling you, though? Here are a few examples:

Completely White and Chalky

Normally excreted by dogs on a calcium-rich or bone diet, poop in this nature should tell you that your pet is at risk of obstipation. This means that if not addressed right away, your pet will need some help in evacuating their bowels.

Normal with Light-Colored Specks

If your pet’s stool looks normal except for some specks here and there, saving a sample is a must. This is indicative of a parasite in your pet’s digestive system so you have to get rid of them right away.

Black, Red, Yellow, Green, or Tarry

These colors are worth fretting about as it can be a sign that your pet is suffering from internal bleeding. It’s best to save a sample so your vet can take a look and determine the kind of medical attention needed by your fur baby.

Gray and Greasy

Seeing a greasy stool isn’t just gross but it should also ring an alarm. This kind of poop means that your pet’s diet has too much fat in it. While your dog will need a good amount of fat to keep their skin and coat in great condition, you shouldn’t overdo it.

A fatty diet in dogs can lead to several health complications like pancreatitis and obesity. These will seriously decrease the quality of their lives which is something that you should avoid entirely.

Loose and Soft

While this stool consistency can mean that your pet is adjusting to a new diet or they just ate something they shouldn’t have eaten, it can also be indicative of a parasitic invasion. It’s best to take a sample to bring to your vet for safe measure.

Soft with Mucous

This consistency is a definite sign of parvovirus or parasites. Sometimes they’ll even come with worms and eggs, so pay close attention to these gross poop varieties. Doing so can help you provide a more comfortable life for your pet.

Watery Diarrhea

Diarrhea in itself should tell you that something is wrong with your dog’s health. It can be due to food allergies, parasites, a virus, ulcers, or even cancer. The good thing about this concern is that it’s hard to ignore. It’s just a matter of taking action right away so you can ensure your pet’s perfect health.

Paying attention to your pet’s poop may seem like the grossest thing you have to do. But if you want to give your best friend the best life they deserve, this is just one of the easiest and best ways to do it. It’s such a small sacrifice for someone you love anyway, right?

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