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You should be aware that if your dog is overweight, he/she will probably live a shorter, less comfortable life than they would if they were much lighter.

Being overweight puts more strain on your dog’s joints and ligaments and makes them more prone to injury when they do exersise. Excess weight can contribute to back problems including slipped discs in many dogs especially the “long-backed” breeds. And any pain they feel will make them less interested in exersising which compounds the problem.

Here are some effects of a dog being overweight:

  • High Blood Presseure
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Strain On Internal Organs
  • Difficulty Stabilizing Blood Sugar

These effects can be very debilitating to your dog’s health. Research have found that over 50% of the doggie population is overweight, yet the owners do not know it.

If your dog is overweight and you need help with a proper dog weight loss program for him/her, we at Got Poo are at your service.

Our K9 Weight Loss Bootcamp provides a safe, effective, and convenient program to get your lovely pets back into healthy shape.

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Dog Weight Loss Hawaii

How to tell if your dog is overweight

Note: This advice is not to medically diagnose your dog. Please take your dog to a vetnarian for diagnosis and professional medical advice.

To determine whether your dog is more than his/her healthy weight, you can do this simple observation:

Stand over them as they are standing up.
Do they have a defined waist that’s ideal?
Or does their sillouette resemble a log? If so, they are likely to be overweight.

Viewed from the side, your dog’s bottom line should slope upwards from the base of their ribs towards their hind legs. If that line is level or bulging downwards, he/she is overweight.

Your dog’s ribs should be easy to feel with just a thin layer of fat.

Heat intolerance and exersise intolerance are also signs that your dog is overweight.

If your dog is overweight, sign them up for our fun, safe, and effective dog weight loss program. Our regimine consists of a custom meal plan and exersise regmines that may consist of walks, hikes, swimming, and more.

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