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Dog Training Oahu

Every dog owner dreams of having that obedient dog that obeys every command, doesn’t bite, bark at every little thing, jump on you every chance they get or run away once they’re loose. Unfortunately, most dogs aren’t born that way. They need to be taught/trained to become our ideal obedient pet.

But, we understand that you may not have the time or the “know-how” to train your dog. That’s what we, at Got Poo, can offer you – dog training services on Oahu. We’ll work with your dog and train them for obedience.

We conveniently service the entire island of Oahu. We do in home dog training or can train them in our K9 Bed & Breakfast.

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Oahu Dog Training Services

About our Oahu dog trainers

Our dog training methods are natural. Obedience almost comes naturally as we work with them, build a relationship, and provide positive reinforcement while correcting their problems.

With years of being dog and pet owners, we have successfully trained many of our own family of dogs as well as our client’s dogs all over Oahu. No dogs are the same. Our training philosophy rests on a conscious approach that ensures the obedience transfers to you, the owner, as its leader.

So, why not have us train your dog as we scoop up their poo, take them for a walk or doggy adventure, or while in our care at our pet bed & breakfast? We are your one-stop pet service shop! And we look forward to serving you and your pets!

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