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Other than going for a walk or a hike, swimming is another great adventure for your dog. It provides for a great exercise activity, and your dog will love it.

We’re in Hawaii. Your dogs are surrounded by water, let them enjoy it.

Don’t have the time? Allow us to take them on a doggie adventure and get their paws wet. If the surf is rough, we can take them for a dip in our designated doggie pool. Your pet will never be bored again!

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Can all dogs swim?

Dogs are born with strong natural instincts and abilities. Barking, digging, running around, and being loveable to us humans. Some people think swimming is something dogs can naturally do. This is far from the truth. Although some dogs do have the natural instict to swim, others do not.

Dogs fall in one of these three catagories when it comes to swimming: those who have the natural ability and “know-how” to swim, those who can be taught to swim, and those who are incapable of swimming or just don’t like the water.

Most water spaniels, golden retrievers, Irish setters, English setters, and Newfoundland breeds fall into the first or second catagory. Their powerful limbs, love for the water, and genes make for great swimmers and water retrievers.

As for breed like the bulldogs, dachshunds and boxers, they can’t stay afloat for too long. Their short legs can’t provide the nessesary thrust to keep them above water which may cause them to panic and tire out. Short-faced breeds, like pugs, also fatigue easily. Small dogs like the Maltese and Chihuahua breeds can be good swimmers, but are easily chilled or are afraid of the water.

As for some dogs, they are perfectly capable of swimming but are just afraid of the water. This is more of a psycological issue and a dog whisperer may be able to assist with this if you would like your dog to get over his/her fears.

In any case, weat Got Poo, just want your pets to have fun in or out of the water. With a lifetime’s worth of dog care experience, we ensure and take every precaution to keep your dog safe. Whether it’s for a swim, walk, or hike, your dogs will be in good hands!

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