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The Got Poo crew provides pet waste removal & pet services for residential, commercial properties, and any pet-friendly areas – Oahu wide. Let us scoop da poo and eliminate the picking up poo blues for you. Our pet services will keep you and your pets happy and healthy. Check out our services to see how we can serve you and your pets!

What do we doo?

We will come to your home or business or wherever your pet leaves its calling card – anywhere on Oahu pick up and dispose of the poo for you! We also offer other essential pet services which include (but not limited to):

Pet Odor Elimination
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Health Risks Of Dog Poop
People don't want to think about dog poo, but they need to know about it's health risks.

If you have pets, you must read this

Information pet owners don’t want to know but need to know

Pet waste removal is not only a convenience; it’s a necessity!

When your dog poos, and you don’t pick it up, it doesn’t just go away. Actually, it grows into a very potential hazard to the environment and to you and your family’s health!

40 million tons of dog poo is produced a year, and a fraction of that is in your backyard. It can take a year for your pet’s waste to fully breakdown. Throughout that year your dog poo is a host for harmful bacteria.

Less than one ounce of dog waste can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria and can spread illnesses to you, your pets, and your children!

It’s called ZOONOSES; when animals pass diseases to humans. Dog poop is a huge contributor to these types of transmissions.

When infected dog poop is on your lawn, the eggs, parasites, etc., can linger in your soil for years. And if anyone (including your pets) comes into contact with the soil, in whatever way, they run the risk of becoming transmitted with those eggs/parasites and lead to developing into a serious disease or virus.

Some diseases and viruses include Giardia, Salmonella (Salmonellosis), Parvo Virus, Trichinosis, Cryptosporidiosis, Campylobacteriosis, Coccidia, Corona, Heartworms, Whipworms, Hookworms, Roundworms, and Tapeworms! *Referenced from the U.S. Centers For Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).

But, IT’S NOT TOO LATE! One of the reasons why we, Got Poo, offer our affordable and convenient pet waste removal service is to help keep you and your family safe and healthy from the hazards dog poo creates.

“Our Pooper Scooper service is not just a convenience; it’s a necessity!” – Got Poo…?

About Us…

Actually, it’s all about you and how we may serve you and your pets. We understand that having pets are a pleasure to have, it’s just the cleanup stinks (*pun intended*). That’s where we come in.

We, at Got Poo, are dedicated to providing you with an efficient and affordable pet waste cleanup service along with other pet services that you may need.

It’s about time, your time. Spend more time enjoying your pets and less time fiddling with the mess!

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Dog Poop FAQ’s

 How much does my dog poop?

Of course, the amount of waste your pet produces greatly varies from breed, size, and their diet. However, the estimated average a dog poops are about 2-3 times a day and can be up to 3/4 of a pound. Puppies can poop up to 8 times a day!

Isn’t dog waste a good fertilizer?

Unlike what most people think, not all poop is fertilizer (if that is the case, we would be using our own to fertilize). And that includes dog poop.

More than likely, you feed your dog a high protein diet that creates very acidic feces. And acidic dog poo is bad for your grass and garden. That’s why you’ll notice your grass browning in the areas your dog poops if you don’t clean it up.

Dog poop also contains bacteria and parasites. Parasites can lay dormant in the soil for years causing potential health hazards. The toxic bacteria from dog poop seeps into our water tables causing health problems. Dog waste is the 3rd largest contributor to bacterial pollution in our waterways. Runoff flows into our streams and out to the ocean causing serious water quality issues. Dispose don’t compost.

What’s the best way to dispose of dog waste?

Discarding your pet waste in a bag and into the trash collection bin helps prevent it from becoming an environmental pollutant and health risk.

The City And County Of Honolulu’s H-POWER waste-to-energy plant in Campbell Industrial Park does a pretty good job to safely handle substances such as dog waste, cat litter, and dirty diapers.  If you are already placing it in the trash, keep up the good work.

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Got Poo News Article

Got Poo On The News

In 2011, KHON 2 News and KGMB featured us in a cool news article covering an interview with Got Poo’s “Poo Princess” and one of our long time customers.

The article was published during the early days of Got Poo as the article touched upon our vision for the future.

My, how time has passed. Over the years we just continued to serve people and their lovely pets. In result, the vision for Got Poo became a reality.

As our company continues to grow, we thank all of you for supporting us and allowing us to do what we love most – serve you and your pets. Aloha!

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