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With dogs, it’s all about relationships. When you have a great bond with your pet, you’ll begin to understand and empathize with them on a subconscious level. When that happens, you’ll know how to handle your dog on any occasion, and that’s when they go from being just a pet to becoming a “man’s best friend” (your friend).

But most owners do not get to that level of understanding their pet, and sometimes problems do occur. Aggressive, anxious, compulsive, destructive, hyperactive behavior, and/or fearful mental disorders are some things may happen with a pet dog. And most owners will not know why they are that way or how to handle it.

If this sounds like you and your dog, it’s okay, dogs are complex animals, and there’s a lot to learn being an owner. If you are having dog behavior problems, we’re here to help with our dog whisperer services on Oahu.

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What is dog whispering?

“Dog Whispering” is a relatively new term for a method of dog behavior modification. Although the term is new, the training method has been being used by the most experienced master dog trainers for a long time.

Dogs are dogs; they have natural animalistic instincts. When one fully understands them, they can read all of their signals as well as send them signals that they’ll understand as well. A whisperer uses this ability to help train dogs and modify behavior issues (mentioned above).

We, at Got Poo, being dog owners and caretakers of various breeds for most of our lives, we have built the ability to serve as a Dog Whisperer. Mike, being the more gifted dog whisperer is the more designated whisperer to serve you and your pet.

Much like our dog training philosophies, our methods are natural. We will work with you and your dog(s) so that your relationship is bonded well and your role as the pack leader is well defined.

So take the lead and work with Oahu’s dog whisperer today! Much Mahalo and we look forward to working with you and your dog!

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