Oahu Pet Care Services For The Elderly

Elderly Pet Care Hawaii

For our elders, we understand how wonderful it is to have dogs and other pets. They are a part of your family and are one of your best friends. They keep you company, keep you safe, and understands how you feel. It’s a lovely sense of serenity having a dog.

But, sometimes it may be a challenge for you to take care of your pet dog. Tasks like picking up their poo, taking them for a walk, cleaning them up, taking them to the vet, etc. may be challenging and you may need some help.

That’s where we, at Got Poo, can assist you. We can come to your home, pick up the poo, take your dog for a walk, swim, hike, and anything else you would like us to do.

Don’t get rid of your dog just because you can’t take care of them. Call us today and schedule for our pet care services. We will help you to take care of your lovely pets.


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Our Pet Care Services For The Elderly

If you care an elderly caregiver who has pets, we understand that it can be out of your scope of work taking care of their pets. It may be tedious or even dangerous working with dogs or cats if you don’t have the experience.

That’s where we can help you out. Leave it to us to care for your patient’s pets while you care for them.

Pets, for the elderly, can provide a loving companionship. That’s probably the reason why they have pets even if they can’t properly care for them. Dogs, cats, along with other animals needs proper care if your patient wants to keep them. And we are the pet care professionals that would love to assist with that.

With over a lifetime of experience caring for dogs, cats, and other animals, we offer a broad range of pet services from waste removal, dog walking, dog training, dog weight loss, and pet boarding.

If your elderly patient has pets and they need help caring for them, call us today, and we’ll be happy to be of service!

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