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As dog and pet lovers we get used to our animals and the environment they live in. Over time odors that we once could smell or notice seems to “go away”. We don’t smell them anymore even if we pick up all the poo.

But when guests come to your home it’s a different story. They’ll smell the pet odors, usually caused by their urine and feces, and it can be quite embarrassing.

Don’t fret. Not only do we clean up your pet poo, we can eliminate the odors too! Let us take the task off of your hands with our odor elimination services and prevent those embarrassing moments when you have family and friends over.

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Why do we stop noticing odors after a while?

One of the protective functions of our brain uses the sense of smell to detect odors that may cause us harm. If a chemical or dangerous predator were around and we smell it, our brain will alert us of the possible danger.

But, our brain also likes to be efficient. If we smell odors and it’s not a threat to us, our brain will deem that odor to be safe and it will ignore the smell as quick as a few breaths.

With our pet odors, since it’s not a direct threat to us, our brain filters it out and we don’t consciously notice it after a while.

If you want to get technical, here’s a video for you explaining the disappearing smell phenomena:

You won’t notice your pet odors after a while, but your guests will. Have us, Hawaii’s#1 pooper scooper, eliminate your pet odors.

How does your backyard smell?

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