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How often should you walk your dog?

Usually, you should walk your dog every day depending on your dog breed, size, and energy level. Dog’s are naturally migratory animals and it’s their natural instinct to want to explore.

“A dog’s everyday walk is like your need for your daily dose of the news.”

Leaving your dog at home in your yard all day can cause boredom. So, a nice walk every day will not only bring them excitement but it also provides them with needed exercise.

With that said, you should be walking your dog every day. But we, at Got Poo…? understand that with your busy lives it may not be a practical thing for you to every day.

Don’t fret. That’s where we come in!

If you aren’t able to give your dog a walk every day, or even once every few days, call us, and we’ll be more than happy to walk your dog(s).

We offer dog walking services on Oahu, island-wide with Aloha pride! Call us anytime or you may get pricing through our Instant Quote Form.


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Hawaii Dog Walking Service

Why is it important to walk your dog?

– Gives them exercise.
– Relieves boredom.
– Allows them to use up pent-up energy.
– Allows them to learn how to interact around different environments and other dogs/animals.
– and more…

“My dog does all of that in my yard.”

Although your dog has a yard to play in, don’t expect them to create their own exercise regimen. Walking your dog provides them with another outlet for exercise and to use up their pent-up energy.

Not having enough exercise can cause your dog to become overweight leading to other health problems, and/or become overly aggressive.

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