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Most dogs are naturally migratory animals, meaning, they like to adventure out into the world and explore (much like us). And what better place for your dog to explore and adventure out here in beautiful Hawaii Nei! The beautiful natural landscapes, bodies of water, and mountain ranges makes for the perfect place for a pet adventure!

But, we understand that you may not have the time to take your pet out on an outing. But we do. And as one of our wonderful Oahu pet services, we offer our pet hikes & adventure services.

Have us take your pet dog out on an adventure to explore, exercise, expend excess energy, and do what they naturally like to do!

To treat your beloved pet to an adventure, simply call us at (808) 497-9273 or inquire through our Instant Quote form on this page and we’ll get back to you very soon.


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We will also include a custom video of your pet’s adventures for you to see how much fun they had and to share with your family and friends!

How does a hike/adventure benefit my dog?

There are many benefits a lovely hike and adventure will provide for your dog and even yourself as the owner. Here are some of them:

Exercise. Dogs needs exercise. Without the necessary amount of exercise, your dog may gain excessive weight which may also lead to other health complications.

Relieves Boredom. Staying home every day, all day will cause your dog to become bored. As mentioned earlier, most dogs are migratory animals and wants/needs to explore. A nice hike and adventure from what they’re accustomed to will satisfy that much needed natural desire for them.

Allows Dogs To Expend Pent-Up Energy. If you have an overly aggresive or hyperactive dog, a normal walk, hike, and/or adventure are ways for them to output that energy and calm down to a bit more obidient dog.

Provides A Training Opportunity. On an adventure, your dog is given an oppurtunity to learn how to interact with different environments and possibly with different animals.

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We look forward to serving you and your pets! Mahalo!

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