Stepping on Dog Poop Equals “Good Luck” Superstition

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Stepping On Dog Poop Is Good Luck

Dogs have been part of human lives for thousands of years, and it’s understandable that sometimes we may have some rather ridiculous beliefs about them. One common mistake is to ascribe human feelings for our dog’s facial expressions. We may even have conversations with our pet pooches, and a small part of us think our dogs understand what we say. But you won’t believe what some crazy superstitions have come up about dogs through the years. There’s the stepping on dog poop superstition, and a few more beliefs about how dogs bring luck:

In France Stepping On Dog Poop Is Lucky Superstition

1. In France, there’s a rather popular notion that steeping on dog poop can bring you luck. It all depends on which foot accidentally steps on the dog poop. If it’s the left foot, then it’s good luck for you. It’s bad luck if you step on it with the right foot, and that and luck’s on top of the rather unpleasant fact that you’ve got a mess on your right shoe.

It’s postulated that this superstition came to be as a result of a “let it be” attitude of Parisians for dog poop in the streets. Perhaps the belief came about as a way for the French to console themselves that the uncaring attitude about street dog poop isn’t all bad.

In England Stepping On Dog Poop Is Lucky Superstition

2. In England, there’s also a superstition about how dogs can bring you luck. Supposedly, if you’re going to a business meeting and along the way you encounter a dog with spots, you’ll have a successful meeting. This is especially true if the dog you meet is a Dalmatian.

Another similar superstition is that if you ever chance upon 3 white dogs together, then you’ll soon reap a financial gain.

There are 2 possible origins for these beliefs. One is that Dalmatians and 3 white dogs together are very rare, so it gives you that same feeling of finding money on the ground.

The other possible origin may be related to British folklore that associates black dogs with the devil, especially if they have glowing eyes. So the white dogs with spots can be considered the very opposite of these hellhounds.

Scotland Dog Superstitions

3. In Scotland, dogs are considered by and large lucky for people. They’re the symbol of faithful companionship, and lots of Scottish art portrays dogs. Now there’s a particular belief that if a dog that doesn’t belong to you, such as a stray, follows you home, then you will be the recipient of good luck. It brings you even more luck if it’s a black dog. If the dog enters your home, it will be the sign of a new friendship with a loyal and caring companion.

There’s a caveat, though. The exception to the good luck result is if it’s a rainy day when the dog follows you. That would be the cause of and luck for you, especially if the dog tracks mud inside your home!

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