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The Got Poo crew provides pet waste removal & pet services for residential, commercial properties, and any pet-friendly areas – Oahu wide. Let us scoop da poo and eliminate the picking up poo blues for you. Our pet services will keep you and your pets happy and healthy. Click on Services to see what we provide.


Services we provide
  • Dog waste removal
  • Odor elimination
  • Dog walking adventures
  • Pet hotel boarding
  • Weight loss bootcamp
  • Kitty sitting

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Why clients brag about us

Our other pet services include pet odor elimination, dog walking, hikes and adventures, training, whispering, swimming, K9 Bed & Breakfast, and kitty sitting. Call today or email and let us make your life easier and cleaner! You’ll be glad you did!



We Scoop Da Poo Pricing

We will come to your property once or twice a week, whatever works for you, and scoop up the poo leaving your yard clean and usable. What if I have more than 1 dog?

1 dog –  $12 / 1x a week
1 dog – $19 / 2x a week


Dog Poop FAQ’s

  • How much does my dog poop?
    From Dachshunds to Great Danes, dogs vary greatly in size and diet, so it’s hard to say exactly. That said, however, it’s estimated that average dog poops 1-2 times and discards a total of ¾ lbs of waste every day. Puppies can poop up to 8 times a day!
  • Isn’t dog waste a good fertilizer?
    Dog poop contains bacteria and parasites. Parasites can lay dormant in the soil for years causing potential health hazards. The toxic bacteria from dog poop seeps into our water tables causing health problems. Dog waste is the 3rd largest contributor to bacterial pollution in our waterways. Runoff flows into our streams and out to the ocean causing serious water quality issues. Dispose don’t compost.
  • What’s the best way to dispose of dog waste?
    By putting pet waste in the trash, it prevents the waste from becoming a source of pollution in our streams and bays. Landfills are designed to safely handle substances such as dog waste, cat litter, and dirty diapers.  If you are already placing it in the trash, keep up the good work!
Help Me Clean My Poo!

Guaranteed Service

Rest assured that your satisfaction in our service is 100% guaranteed. If you are ever dissatisfied with the quality of your service for any reason, just give us a call and we will send our technicians out to re-clean your yard for free.

How do we find all the poop?

Our pet waste removal technicians are the best of the best. They are highly trained in the art of pet waste removal and they’re dedicated to doing a great job. Silently, they walk the yard in a grid-like pattern with their eyes scanning back and forth in front of their path. When they have completed the yard, they walk it a second time.

We back our service with a 100% Got Poo satisfaction guarantee.

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Customer FAQ’s

  • Can you clean with our dogs in the yard?
    Sure can! We love dogs, so if your dogs are ok with us then we are all good. Sometimes we have dogs that just do not want to let us in the yard. If your dog is not good with visitors, please tie your dog up or leave your dog inside for the day of your service.
  • Will you come when it’s raining?
    We will be there as long as it is not a cyclone! If the weather is really bad we may need to postpone to another day, but the weather has to be pretty bad to stop us.
  • Do I have to be home for you to clean?
    You do not need to be home. Just make sure your gate is unlocked on your service day. The Got Poo Crew are not to climb or jump over fences!

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What Customers Are Saying About Us

Ali is amazing! We go off-island all the time. Sometimes with unknown return dates. Every time we leave, Ali comes by daily to watch our 2 cats. She is super nice, very good at her job, and most importantly, reliable. She's always available and loves working with pets. We live over in Kapolei - probably the farthest point on the island from her house - and she has no problem coming by daily. If you're traveling, call Ali up and have her watch your pets!

Mike B.

Mike B.

Catonsville, MD

I used Ali's Got Poo? Service for well over a year before recently moving off island. She offers great, reliable service at an affordable price. She is environmentally conscious and pet-loving as well. I would highly recommend and have recommended her service to everyone i know. I wish her luck in her growing business and all her future endeavors.

Dez H.

Dez H.

Fort Benning, GA

Quick, efficient, reasonable prices and reliable and we can pay through PayPal. Now my husband & I don't have to argue about who is going to pick up the poo. Wish we got their services years ago.

Mary D.

Mary D.

Burke, VA website

We used Ali's K9 B&B for our dog Lily over a long weekend. This was our first time using any type of boarding service, and we were very happy. She had a great time with Ali's dogs and was able to go on a boat trip in Kaneohe Bay with their family. She was worn out afterwards, but it seemed like a fun experience for her. We plan to have Lily stay there for "fun camp" again this summer.

Mark K.

Mark K.

Honolulu, HI

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